Mid January 2014
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2014 has been loaded with inspiration everywhere I look. The cold always brings out the heartily dressed, and I enjoy seeing what folks are wearing. There is no greater endorsement for natural fiber choices than FEELING how much warmer you are in wool, alpaca, angora and mohair, and the brutal cold we have been experiencing this winter has provided that opportunity.
Think all fibers are created equal? Think again.

In order to make well fitting garments, and get the details to look good, some skills are necessary.  Some of you have expressed a desire to have an all-inclusive workshop taking you through different facets of knitting techniques. 8 years ago Countrywool presented such a workshop and it was heartily enjoyed.  Perhaps the time has come to do it again. I've carved out a time slot... Sundays from 11-1, every other week, starting January 26, and will see who might like to be involved. This class will be work, but the rewards will be great. The first 2 classes will be covering basics of flat and circular from WHERE YOU ARE in your knitting career. The last 4-6 will be following a knitting text ($26) that will have you learn over 30 different  techniques.
Each class is $15 and I will teach for 2 hours, (but you are welcome to stay and knit, eat and chat until 3). Sign up on this page BEFORE Wednesday 1/22/14. We need 6 to run this class...only 2 have signed up so far.

There is also a monthly class for ongoing projects.
This month the knit-with-delightfully-cozy-Peace Fleece
(cropped version below) will be started:

Bring a sweater that fits you well to class, and ALL your needles/notions, yarn if you have it, as well as your knitting notebook.  Sign up on this page.

If you love free patterns and quick knit ideas, you will find Countrywool's daily post on Facebook very useful.

(those of you who have avoided going there out of fear of having to join...just don't.
You'll be able to view every pattern without signing up)

This time of year also dries out our hands, feet, knees, elbows, lips and faces. Did you know that bees and sheep have the moisture problem all worked out? Their natural byproducts of lanolin and beeswax help hold in moisture, and with the addition of soothing oils from coconuts, avocados, jojoba seeds and almonds, Countrywool has been making all natural skin products for 6 years. BUNNY BALM is soothing to knitter's hands and can be used just before knitting to wax  your hands for SMOOTH knitting while your skin gets a drink. Any product that rubs off on your yarn will help soften the wool you are using and the extra will launder out easily when blocking. Have cracked cuticles? SUPER BUNNY BALM gets right into those dry areas to soften and heal. Lips screaming for relief? BUNNY LIPS will soothe (lemon and almond) or invigorate (peppermint). These items are produced locally
right here in Columbia County.
See what's in stock right now.

And...free shipping on all orders over $50!


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