September 2015
Countrywool News
Sunday, Tuesday(new!) and Thursday     10  - 3
Monday and Wednesday      5 - 8
or by special appointment - call (518)828-4554 and leave a message

(Not everyone knows about this sale...just my faithful newsletter readers.
To get the discount, show me the star!)

September means back to school, back to work and back to knitting.
And another sale here at Countrywool!
Have you knit with Indulgence? This soft alpaca and angora blended yarn has been sadly discontinued, and the remaining stock has to go to make room for more yarn.
We like to use it for mittens as the angora radiates heat on cold days.
It is especially fun to use in SNOWY MITTENS

pattern available for download here
Take advantage of this sale, for when the Indulgence in stock is gone, it's gone for good.

Spinning classes are on the schedule again
for Thursdays in September.
We'll devote those mornings to all the basics
and as many of the advanced techniques
as you wish.

Sign up here.

Look for our new
scheduled for April 2016 at Cape Ann!
Grab a friend and your wheel
and escape to the beach for a weekend
next spring.

Stop by the shop and just SMELL all the new soaps curing.
They'll be ready to move out November 1.
They will be joined by new HAND, FOOT and  LIP balms.

12 Yarn shops of the Hudson Valley have banded together to create
the Hudson Valley Yarn Shop Cruise Event.
It ends on September 8, so there's STILL TIME to make a last minute dash to them all!!!

Start by visiting Countrywool to purchase this special project bag
featuring a map of our Hudson Valley and the participating shops.
(This collector's bag will be worth a discount here at Countrywool if brought in later in the year!)


Do you have a good friend who loves to knit?
Wouldn't she love her very own Hudson Valley canvas work bag?
What a wonderful keepsake :)
Get them while they are still in stock and put one away for the holidays!

For guidelines, special events and a list of shops, visit
the Hudson Valley Yarn Shop Cruise Ravelry Group
or the Hudson Valley Yarn Shop Cruise Facebook Page
If you purchase your Project Bag at Countrywool, in addition to all the prizes offered,  you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE set of classes ($175 value) at the
Countrywool Rip Van Winkle Knitting Retreat Fall 2015

Knitting groups in Columbia County have gotten themselves organized on FACEBOOK's Hudson NY Knitting and Fiber Circles group page. I have enjoyed getting to know a few new folks, and some old friends, while knitting (and chatting) away.  I will be in Hudson Thursdays this summer, and also on Tuesdays starting this fall. (check FACEBOOK on Mondays to see who's doing what and where that week) These groups are VERY welcoming, so feel free to come and knit for a spell.

classes * classes * classes
classes * classes

Do you have a class you'd like to see here?
We are formulating the list
and want your input!
Speak up now! there a class
you'd like to teach?
We'd love to have you!

Look for our new
scheduled for April 2016
 at Cape Ann!

Countrywool will be hosting
knitting class
that will run  for 4 months,
once a month on a Sunday,
starting this fall. Sign up here

If you love free patterns and quick knit ideas, you will find Countrywool's daily post on Facebook very useful.  "LIKE" the page to get the patterns in your daily news feed.

Get out in the sunshine and enjoy the end of this summer!!!

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