late February 2015
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Are you climbing the walls yet? If you have snow cover and cold like we have in Columbia County, you just might be. We like to walk our 2 dogs every day, but wind chills of -25* have put a damper on that most days. Add to that a 24" snow pack, and the footing is not great. What's a knitter to do?

Well, working with bright colors certainly provides a pocket of cheer.
Countrywool's Winter Star Fair Isle Hat Countrywool's Winter Star Fair Isle Hat
I got out my basket of Ultra Alpaca Light and Cascade 220 sport weight wools and had a go. Green for spring! Blue for brilliant daylight! If wishing made it so, the snow would be melting by now.
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Wait! Not the colors you wanted? Do you need more yarn?
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Cape Ann Knitting Retreat with Countrywool

So, if THAT can't get you out of the house and started on a new project, ponder this... in less than 8 weeks we gather for the 15th time on the Gloucester shore of Massachusetts for knitting. The Cape Ann North Atlantic Aran Knitting Retreat will gather 15 of you together, on Long Beach to watch and sleep to the sounds of water, eat, laugh and knit for 48 hours. There will be many projects for you to choose from, and you will receive patterns for everything you find on the retreat web page. Sign ups start March 1.

Knitting groups in Columbia County have gotten themselves organized on FACEBOOK's Hudson NY Knitting and Fiber Circles group page. I have enjoyed getting to know a few new folks, and some old friends, while knitting (and chatting) away.  I will be in Hudson on Thursdays, as weather allows. These groups are VERY welcoming, so feel free to come and sit for a spell!

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Keep warm and keep knitting!!!

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