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Aran Hat Pictures
this page last updated: June 22, 2006
 Claudia Krisniski
 59 Spring Road Hudson NY 12534

his hat is best worn with tassels tied together loosely at top.

countrywool's aran hat

Knitting gauge: 5 sts=1" in stockinette stitch.
Sized for loosely fit a 21 circumference head

Suggestions: Briggs and Little Red  REGAL ( (4 oz/272 yards) or
                    Brown Sheep LAMB'S PRIDE SUPERWASH WORSTED  (100 gram/200yards) or
                    NATURESPUN (100 gram...245 yards
             16" circular needles #4 and #6 (or whatever YOU need to get the gauge!)
              double pointed needles....2 to match above....will make the tassel knitting go faster
             DARNING NEEDLE

Cast on (#4) 96 sts. Join. Work in *k1,p1* rib in the round for 7",
transferring the hat to the larger needles by working the last round with #6 needles.
countrywool's aran hat

Fold ribbing in half, matching each cast on edge stitch to its' mate stitch on the needles
countrywool's aran hat
and in the next round, p2tog around (catching the stitch on the needles
along with its appropriate edge stitch and purling them both together) 96 sts.
countrywool's aran hat

Now, in the next round, you will begin working the ARAN CHART (below),  noting the chart order sequence to achieve the pattern.
In the first round ONLY, you will increase 10 stitches as follows:
every 10th stitch on the chart, will be created by  working a  LIFTED INCREASE into the stitch of the row below, matching the stitch needed on the chart. (The 10th stitch existing on your needle when you first start will in actuality be worked as the 11th stitch after you make the increase.)
lifted increase = increase by knitting (or purling) into stitch below st on left needle,
then into the stitch itself. This is an invisible increase. (for an on-line tutorial, click here)
At the end of the round, you will need to work a lifted increase as the last stitch. And if all went well, you should have 106 sts.

     =  knit
   = purl
///   = slip 1 to cn and hold at back, k2, p1 from cn
\\\   = slip 2 to cn and hold at front, p1, k2 from cn
\\\\  = slip 2 to cn and hold at front, k2, k 2 from cn

countrywool's aran hat chart

Chart sequence for pattern STITCHES:
starting at lower right hand corner (stitch numbers across the bottom: row numbers up the side)
The front is a mirror image of the back.
Front half of hat: worked over first 53 stitches, and the back half of the hat over the remaining 53 sts.
53 sts = Chart stitches 1-34, followed by stitches 1-19.
Repeat for the back half of hat.

Chart sequence for pattern ROWS:
Work Rows 1-20 once, then rows 3-20 as needed until hat measures 9" from folded ribbing edge of hat

To close the top, starting at the beginning of the round, put half the sts on one circular needle, and half on another (any length or size equal to or a smaller diameter than the original). Pay special attention that the cable crossing sts line up opposite each other (you might have to shift the end sts one or two to accomplish this). They won't be a perfect match, but have them as close as you can.  Cut the yarn, leaving 36", thread the end in a tapestry needle and graft the two sets of sts together.

GRAFTING or Kitchener Stitch or Weaving
Work from right to left.

   On front needle:
     1. Pass tapestry needle through as if to knit, drop st off needle
     2. Pass tapestry needle through as if to purl, leave st on needle
   On back needle:
     1. Pass tapestry needle through as if to purl, drop st off needle
     2. Pass tapestry needle through as if to knit, leave st on needle

    Remember to keep the tension loose.

(For an on-line tutorial, click here.)

Now...the tassels. With a double pointed needle in the same size you are working with, pick up and knit 4 sts starting at one top corner and working across the grafted sts towards the center. Continue to knit back and forth on these 4 sts until tassel is 8" long. Bind off. repeat for second tassel at other top corner.

You are done!

To wear...this hat is worn with the tassels loosely tied together and left dangling, pulling the two corners together.

I would LOVE to get pictures of any hats you make with this pattern and will glad to put them on the web.




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