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A knitting, pattern designing, sewing, quilting and spinning studio

Classes, Retreats and Gatherings

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Materials needed for this class:
  • 2200 - 1700 yards sport, worsted or bulky worsted weight yarns
  • 16” & 32" circular needles in US #4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 (yarn will dictate needle size needed)
  • One set (of 4) of double pointed needles to match the size used from above
  • 20 ring markers
  • Cable stitch holder
  • (all items will be available for purchase!)
  • measurements of an old sweater or sweatshirt that fits well OR bring it to class and we'll measure it

An Aran Sweater

1st Sundays   11-2 PM

February 5
March 5     

Knit a a romantic cabled knit sweater. Using an original Countrywool pattern, learn to make a custom fit sweater starting with the sleeves.  Knit seamlessly with little finishing using a circular needle and double pointed needles. If you can knit, purl, count and cable, you can make this sweater!  Knitters returning from an older class for a refresher are most welcome :)

Knitting A Scarf With Wool:     Saturday,  February 11          10 AM - 1 PM
For those of you new to the craft, this class will teach the basics of knitting with soft and renewable wool yarn. Topics to be covered are: Casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch, garter stitch, ribbing stitch, cable stitch, seed stitch, joining yarn, and casting off. Continental, English or American knitting will be taught with full support for right handed or left handed knitters.  A 5 foot scarf with all pattern stitches represented will be the class project.
Classes are held in the winter at Columbia-Greene Community College.
Preregistration required at CGCC (518)828-4181, ext 3341. 
The fee is 39.00.

Materials needed for this class:
•    1 pair US# 9 or 10 bamboo or plastic needles
•    7 – 8 ounces/320-380 yards heavy worsted wool yarn
•    Learn To Knit Scarf pattern, ©2000 Countrywool: $4.00
•    cable stitch holder; darning needle, 6 ring markers; crochet hook E, F or G; gauge ruler
•    Materials packet with all of the above: $32

Sunday,  February 26
10 AM - 1 PM


follow up class for

Knitting a Scarf with Wool
Stuffed and Thrummed Mittens
Learning to Knit Socks

If you've come to ANY Countrywool
class  this past season,
this is a refresher session
to help you finish off your project

Sunday,  February 26
1 - 3 PM

spinning techniques
for newer spinners

             $20 (or less!) for a 2 hour class
to jump start your spinning
and get your skills back on track.
Wheel or drop spindle.



Come for 2 glorious days by the ocean.
Knit on Long Beach with us
on the North Shore of Massachusetts!
We will explore traditional
  Gansey and Guernsey seamless
knitting techniques

in scarf, hat and sweater designs.
  We'll be gathering in a cottage on Long Beach which stretches out in front of us,
inviting you for a stroll.

and learning with others in a supportive atmosphere.


Washing and Hand Carding Wool Fleece:
to be held at CGCC:

Saturday, May 20 …...... 12-3 PM

Do you have sheep in your back yard? Wonder how to get started with the fleece from their first haircut? Using vinegar and soap, learn to wash sheep's wool without felting it. Learn to gently open up fibers with hand carding. Handouts supplied.

to be held at Columbia-Greene Community College.
Preregistration required (518)828-4181, ext 3341. 

Materials needed for this class:
  • Undyed, unwashed fleece… 8 ounces (8 oz bags Finn wool  available to purchase for $16)
  • 2 – ...3-5 gallon buckets
  • 4 ounces washed fleece (4 ounce bags Cormo wool available to purchase for $11)
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 16 oz liquid soap detergent (ajax, dawn, joy, etc)
  • rubber gloves (optional)
  • hand cards or two dog combs (hand cards available to purchase for $85)


Spin A Yarn:     Sunday, June 18          12-3 PM

Ever wonder how it was done? Do you have sheep, alpacas, llamas, bunnies, sheep dogs or mohair goats in your life? Fashion yarn from their fur in a timeless fashion by hand on a drop spindle, or more quickly with a spinning wheel. No experience necessary to take this class!
Class is held here at Countrywool, but registration is with Columbia-Greene Community College.
Preregistration required (518)828-4181, ext 3341. 
The fee is 39.00.

Materials needed for this class:
•    spinning wheel or drop spindle
•    8 oz clean wool roving or top
•    (2 spinning wheels are available to rent for $20 by calling 828-4554. All items will be available for purchase: drop spindle: $25; wool top: $9.50


Using safe acid dyes,
vinegar and soap,
learn to dye and
hand paint wool yarn.

Handouts supplied.
Hand Painting Yarn:  to be held at CGCC: Saturday, July 22, 12-3 PM        
  • Materials needed for this class:
  • Undyed yarn wound into hanks – 3 -4 oz skeins (available for purchase @ $6.00 each)
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • 3 packages acid dye (available for purchase @ $5.00 each)
  • 3 cups white vinegar
  • 1 cup liquid soap detergent (ajax, dawn, joy, etc)
  • rubber gloves
  • 1 box plastic wrap (glad wrap, saran wrap, etc)
  • 3 – one gallon sized zip loc bags
  • 3 small (2-4 oz) jars with tight fitting lids, suitable for shaking water without leaking
  • plastic table cloth or sheeting to work on







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Hand Balm
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